The Infamous Glastonbury Festival

The Infamous Glastonbury Festival

The Infamous Glastonbury Festival

Many of those who have been to Woodstock now visit Glastonbury Festival, held every year. It’s the biggest greenfield festival in the world and there are always queues to get in. For starters, the festival takes place on 900 acres of beautiful land in the Vale of Avalon. The festival has even made provision for family oriented areas like the Kidzfield, the Circus field and Theatre. The general vibe of the festival is friendly and relaxed, even in the rain, as everyone waits for the sun to break through the clouds and the show to go on.

Time To Give The Original Site A Break

At Glastonbury, you’ll find a mix of theatre, dance, cabaret and music. Since 1981 it is held every year, but now it looks as if the Festival will move home in 2019 – more than 100 miles from its traditional location of Worthy Farm in Somerset. Festival founder, Michael Eavis, is making plans to move the event closer to the Midlands and that the festival would now only be held every 5 years. Unfortunately, the year 2014 didn’t go down well for the festival. It was one of the wettest and part of the site was submerged under several feet of water. To add to the woes of the festival, some 20,000 gallons of human sewage leaked out of a container and into a stream.

Own A Piece Of Glastonbury

If you hold onto fond memories of the original Glastonbury Festival as it has always been, why not collect some Glastonbury Festival memorabilia such as old t-shirts, music, posters and accessories at The Festival has seen some great performing artists over the decades, and you can get your hands on some celebrity memorabilia as a die-hard fan. Whether you’re looking for Nirvana memorabilia or something of Cobain or one of the other rock bands, you’ll be amazed at some of the amazing second-hand guitars you can pick up. On Barnebys you can find everything you’re looking for in arts and collectibles. Items are accessible to everyone, and it is simple to set up an account to save searches and keep up to date with the fascinating world of the past.



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