When to Use a Music Festival as a Fundraiser

When to Use a Music Festival as a Fundraiser

When to Use a Music Festival as a Fundraiser


Individuals or committees are often left with the challenge of determining the best type of fundraiser for their cause. Music festivals are a great way to raise money and they also provide a lot of fun and entertainment for the participants. The more the festival offers, the more likely the event is likely to make. Planners should be careful to include a variety of entertainment types and get the word out to the public to maximize participation.

The important thing for the planning committee is to know when the conditions are right for a musical festival and how to plan it to get the maximum turnout. Since most festivals are held outdoors to accommodate the largest possible number of attendees, weather and available venues play a big role. Unpredictable winter weather makes winter a less appealing choice than the other seasons. Although rain is always a possibility, having a venue that offers cover to guests and where the bands can keep their equipment dry is usually enough to keep the festival successful.

Book the Entertainment Early

You don’t have to have connections to top bands or entertainers, but you do need to find out early on which local ones will be available on the festival date. Some will perform for a lower fee for charities and there are also those who will donate their performance for free. It is possible to do a festival with only three or four bands if they alternate sets, but keep in mind that the more variety there is, the more people it will attract. One of the added benefits of using local talent is that it often brings family members and friends to the event. It is difficult to put on a musical festival if you don’t have any performers.

Musical Festivals Work for a Broad Range of Causes

It is commonplace for well-known organizations to implement music festivals into their fundraising efforts to make more money for their cause. But a music festival can be just as effective when money is needed to pay for a single person’s cancer treatment, expensive surgery, or huge hospital bill that is threatening to ruin their finances. The beauty of doing a music festival on a local basis is that it brings the community together and provides support to people they know and want to help.

Keep It Real

No matter what scale the music festival is on or how much it relies on local support, don’t overlook any detail that will make it authentic. Professionally printed tickets that are sold online, advertising in newspapers and online including social media where the information can be shared with others, and having products printed with the event name are some of the ways to increase interest and get more people involved.



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