How to Stay Secure at a Music Festival

How to Stay Secure at a Music Festival

How to Stay Secure at a Music Festival


To many who attend music festivals each year, it is the ultimate party scene. But being in a place where thousands of people are packed together demands some security measures to make sure nothing goes wrong. These are some things to help prepare for a secure musical festival.

  • Don’t rely on your cell phone – Cell phones don’t work in crowds and it’s easy to get lost from friends. Set a meeting place before the festival where you can go if you get separated.
  • Drink plenty of water – Being out in the heat can be dehydrating and drinking alcohol will add to the problem. Take plenty of water along.
  • Don’t take candy from strangers – It may be easy for the friendliness of the group to sway you, but never take anything from a stranger that may not be what you really think it is.
  • Take ear plugs – The idea is to listen to music, not damage your hearing. Being too close to the speakers could have a lasting impression.
  • Never leave your drinks unattended – It only takes a few seconds for someone to spike your drink

Plan ahead to prevent unhappy surprises.



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