Music Festivals in the Countryside

Music Festivals in the Countryside

Music Festivals in the Countryside

It is well known that some of the best music festivals in the world take place in the countryside. The most famous music event ever, Woodstock, took place on a dairy farm in 1969. Thousands gathered to enjoy the music and the event’s promotion of peace.

From there, countryside-based music festivals have gone from strength to strength. In the UK the most famous is Glastonbury, which usually takes place each year. Based on a Somerset farm, the event is not only a chance to enjoy some of the world’s best music, but an opportunity to get closer to nature and to enjoy an alternative lifestyle for a few days.

Learn about countryside plants

The surroundings are perfect for anyone who is interested in the outdoors. No one has to be an expert to learn something from their trip. A handy app on your phone will make you seem like an expert as you identify the local plant life with ease. It is also handy if you spot any plants that you’d like to grow at home as it will help to keep a record of them and provide useful information such as bromeliad watering tips. For care of bromeliad plants, watering is the least of the issue as they are considered difficult plants to look after but the handy app will help.

Music festivals in the countryside also often offer more such as health and wellbeing tents, where you can access alternative therapies, or food areas where you can try different foods from all over the world.

The atmosphere at music festivals in cities is far different and not for everyone. Most people will love the opportunity to enjoy clean country air and leave the daily grind of everyday life behind for a while. It is worth researching which festivals are taking place near to your home.



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