Best UK Music Festivals

Best UK Music Festivals

Best UK Music Festivals


Glastonbury is considered one of the biggest festivals in the entire world. Each year that it runs, it attracts the biggest acts in music. There is a variety of genres on offer. Audiences can see both famous stars and emerging indie talent.

One of the most significant issues with this festival, however, is the availability of tickets. They go on sale months before, and always sell out fast. Therefore, those who want to go will have to grab tickets as quickly as they can.

The festival is also notorious for its muddy landscape. The weather in the summer will often make the ground soft and slippery. Glastonbury veterans and those in the know wear wellington boots in preparation for this.


Boomtown can be seen as the very antithesis of Glastonbury. It was founded to fight against the commercialism of that festival. Therefore, the acts on offer are often independent and niche.

This ethos has led to Boomtown becoming one of the most popular festivals in the UK. There is a diverse mix of music to see live. They have everything from soft folk to heavy drum and bass.


Bestival is ideal for people who want to retain a level of comfort. Those who cannot cope without the internet will be pleased to know that the festival often offers WiFi hotspots to use. This means people can access websites such as without any issues.

It is well known for the ridiculous and silly activities it has. Entering Bestival is like walking into a wonderland. Each year, thousands of performers entertain large crowds here.


After Download, Sonisphere is the best festival to see heavy metal acts. The headliners have included the very greatest in the genre. Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Metallica and many others have played here.

Sonisphere is actually a touring festival that travels throughout Europe. In recent years it has not always come to the UK. Those who want to enjoy it in Britain will, unfortunately, have to wait. It will be well worth it.


Download is revered for its status as the place to see hard rock bands. The acts include beloved stars, both young and old. There is a wide variety of heavy metal and rock sub-genres to see.

Download replaced the Monsters of Rock Festival and, since then, has thrived ever since. It takes place in Donington Park on the outskirts of Derby. People can easily access the festival through shuttle buses.


This is the place to go if you are a fan of skateboard culture. Boardmasters has both the facilities and the soundtrack that are ideal for this sport. The weekend-long festival has plenty of excitement to enjoy.

Acts that have played at Boardmasters include Dizzee Rascal, Lost Dawn and Zane Lowe. There are even places to surf as well. It is the best place for those who want to do more than stand around all day.



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