Types of People You Will See at a Music Festival

Types of People You Will See at a Music Festival

Types of People You Will See at a Music Festival


Every music festival is somewhat different from the other but there are always going to be some familiar types of people there. This probably has a lot to do with the casual/party atmosphere and the magic of the music. For anyone experiencing a music festival for the first time, some of the interactions they encounter may come as a surprise.

  • The Baby – Don’t be surprised if, in the midst of the noise and people running into each other, there is someone there will a baby. It may seem like the last place anyone would take an infant, but the smallest member of the audience has become a regular part of any type of festival. Maybe it’s just a way for parents to get their child started in a life filled with music.
  • The Regular – Male, female, young or old, there is that person at every festival who seems to have literally been to every festival and who magically accomplishes the impossible by talking with every other person at the event.
  • The Newcomer – This person can be recognized by the amazement written on their face and the hint of fear that is inevitable when they realize the ocean of people around them.

Just remember, the people are one reason that a music festival is such an enjoyable fit.



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